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Low Humidity Application are found in many industries, offices and warehouses.

Our customers include a wide range of users covering Military, Factories, Hospitals,
Warehouses, Libraries, Offices , Institutions and even Homes.

1) Semiconductors:
Most of the electronics components are sensitive to high humidity. 
Although the many  finished product can with stand up to 90%
non-condensing humidity, prolong exposure reduces their service life span.
A lot of component storage requires a mild level of humidity like 50-55%
RH to  maintain a healthy shelf life. Many electronic components are
extremely sensitive to moisture during its raw form. That is why many clean
room for electronic component production has specified RH of between
30% to 45% RH. A lot of hard ware faults that do not occur in dry
European countries are happening in the tropics simply because of our
natural humidity.
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2) Electrical: A typical high tension switch room requires low to mid range humidity during and  immediately after
   installation. High voltage short-circuit occurs when the insulation is moist. Switch  gears are to be stored in low
   humidity storage space.

3) Pharmaceuticals: Storage and production of tablets and powder
medicine are highly sensitive to moisture. A common problem called “
caking” will occurred which caused lumping of the powder will render
the entire production to useless waste. Other problem caused by high
RH include fungal growth, bacteria  infection etc.
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Dry air is most important during the production as well as during the storage of pharmaceutical products.

Handling of ingredients -  The air that comes into contact with hygroscope ingredients must be a 
                                  low relative humidity at weighing and blending

4) Archive: Films and papers will stick together if stored in moist place. Paper turns yellow and disintegrates.

5) Computer peripherals: Communication and computers last a lot longer if they are used in a less hostile
                     environment. A lot of loss of data and hardware problems are indirectly caused by high humidity.

6) Metal: A lot of metals are free from corrosion if the environment is dry. Even rust can be avoided from raw
                 iron if the RH  is low in the environment.

7) Swimming pools: Swimming pools: Indoor swimming pools are usually extremely humid. It caused a sense
                     of stuffiness and reduces the swimmers’ perspiration process. Constant dehumidification is a definite
                     required process.

8) Food: Drying is usually part of food processing. Food exposed to moisture are subject to sogginess, lumping,
                contamination,  fungal growth etc. Rice can be stored in a low humidity space for decades without
                spoiling. Biscuits can remain crispy after 5 years if the RH is low during its storage time.


Cheese storage in Falköping, Sweden. The Relative Humidity is controlled by 3 Seibu Giken DST RZ-units.

Cheese. Control of humidity is important while
 cheese is maturing. To achieve the best
 quality both the air humidity and the
 temperature must be held at specific levels.

Fish. Drying the very surface of the fish before
 smoking it prevents further moisture losses
 during the smoking process.

Confectionery. Control of the humidity is
 imperative when candy is coated. A high
 moisture content in the drying air causes
 stickiness as well as bad coating. The use of
 dry air during the cooling process of chocolate
 and candy enables a reduction in cooling time
 as well as preventing condensation forming on
 the products or the equipment. Packaging
 processes can also be improved, the dry air
 preventing the product sticking to the
 machines and wrapping materials.

Bread Several stages in the production of crisp
 bread require controlled air humidity. Dry air
 can be supplied in the fermentation step as
 well as in the final drying step. The quality of
 the finished product is maintained by humidity
 control in both packing and storage areas.

Sugar. Sugar granules will rapidly degrade or
 dissolve in humid conditions. To prevent
 moisture damage to bulk sugar, air at a
 constant 30% relative humidity is continuously
 circulated through the storage silos.

9) Marine: Cargo holes are to be dried after washing and spray painting needs a dry environment for the paint
                   to stay on with strong bond to the surface.

10) Plastic: A lot of plastic raw materials need to be dried before moulding.

11) Military: A lot of military gears must be stored at low RH to keep away from rust forming. Gun power 
                       and explosive are particularly sensitive to moisture.

Military storage
Since the 1970's, desiccant equipment has been used by National defenses all over the world for preservation by dehumidification. Inactive ships, tanks, aircraft, weapons and supplies are kept in dry air storages, provided by dehumidifiers. The technology enables an increased combat readiness and decreases the preservation costs drastically.

HMS Ark Royal, United Kingdom is kept in a state of extended readiness by 29 DST dehumidifier units.

  • The material doesn't need to be checked as often as usual, which saves both time and personnel and consequently money.
  • Thanks to the dry air, there will be no corrosion which increases the combat readiness. Sensitive electronic equipment is kept in good working order

F16, Belgium, is protected by DST dehumidifiers when on ground.

12) Wood processing: Wood is to be dried before processing.

13) Batteries production: Extremely low RH is required to batteries production.

14) Photography equipment: Lenses are particularly subject to fungal growth. Most films are moisture sensitive.   S-Nikon.JPG (12378 bytes)

15) Leather Products: leathers are mold / fungal growing agent. Moisture spoils most leather products.

16) Warehousing & Storage: increasing numbers of high end warehousing complexes are installing humidity control system
                                                      to provide better storage environment to their customers.

Dry air storage are used for a variety of materials, corn, coffee, powders sugars, electronic equipment. As the name indicates, dry air is essential for maintained quality. Using air is far more economical than heating and ventilating large storage areas.

  • Corrosion: Merchandise manufactured in materials such as iron and steel, demand low humidity. Vehicles, aircraft, machines and tools do not rust if the surrounding air is kept at a relative humidity below 50%.
  • Mould: Organic materials such as leather and paintings, contain microorganisms. These can develop into fungus and mould, but will not occur if the relative humidity level is kept below 70%.
  • Bacteria: Bacteria requires a high humidity to survive and to multiply. If the humidity level of the surrounding air is kept below 50%, most bacteria will not survive. The limit is especially important when storing food products which are susceptible to bacteria.

Corn, coffee, tobacco and powders are products, which maintain their quality when they are kept in dry air storages.

17) Water pump rooms: Usually water pipes and pumps have certain level of leak, and especially where  chilled
                    water is used, condensation occurs where portion of the pipes are not too well insulated.

GOTO Recommended RH for various product

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