Enclosed is the performance curve comparison done by selecting 2 of our own product. 
It is a very typical comparison and it helps to determine when to use desiccant system and 
when to use a condensation system. Both has their advantages and disadvantages.

Desiccant system is generally good for low humidity control
It is not affected by icing problem as compared to condensation system when the controlled 
environment is of lower temperature and RH. It has a very flat performance curve.

Suitable for the following combination of temperature and Humidity:

At 21 deg C , below 50% RH  
At 23 deg C, below  45% RH
At non air condition space : below 35 %H  

For colder temperature like that below 18 deg C.

Condensation system has very high efficiency of moisture removal 
at higher RH and temperature

It is very economical when applied to 55% RH and above control generally. 

Suitable for the following combination of temperature and Humidity:

At 21 deg C , Above 45% RH  
At 23 deg C, below  40 % RH  
At non air condition space :  Above  35 %H  

For higher  temperature like that above 18 deg C.

Refrigeration system is also known as Condensation system

The name is interchangeable as it utilizes refrigeration principle to cool the air to its 
point, so that excess moisture which is condensated and becomes
water can be drained out.

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Disclaimer :  The information we offer above is not absolute and fool proof. For serious engineering calculation 
                      and  load estimates, please  approach the  trained professionals and authorities.  Please consult us 
                      for detail calculation  for  installation that requires a definite humidity  level.